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So what is a QR code?

QR stands for "Quick response" and the vision behind QR codes is a method to quickly scan a surface with a smartphone in your pocket to get a response in form of a website, email, or other digital information displayed on your phone. Originally created for industrial use the QR code has quickly swept around the world due to grassroots marketing campaigns and the basic need for a bridge between the real world and the digital world. QR Codes are a quick and effortless way to engange more deeply with your audience. QR Codes became very popular in offline advertising where it provided a way to bring the viewer to the adverstiser website. In our opinion it is even more powerful when used the other way around. Embed a QR Code on your website with our QR code generator and give your visitors the possiblilty to quickly scan the code and trigger automatically one of the following functions:

It is truly amazing to watch the spread of QR codes being used by industries across the spectrum and around the world - with nearly around 50% facebook users, over 300 million in total, having scanned a QR code before. The familiarity and comfort level of this marketing tool is inspiring. There is no limit on how quick response codes can be used but there are a few basic paramaters that dictate wether or not they will work. First you will need a qr code generator and a smart phone device. Then you will need to have a QR reader downloaded and installed on your phone. In most cases you will need access to the web to get the data that the QR code is pointing you to. There are plenty of QR readers available for nearly every smart phone. If you need a free, fast and easy QR reader for your phone please visit www.connectMEqr.com/downloads

If you’re not square, you’re just not there.

Square QR codes, eh? God those things are so goofy looking. Sort of like what you'd find in a pure white hanky if you blew your nose after a long day in a coal mine.

Maybe the ultimate QR code generator would simply be this: Ahhhh-chooooo!

Not only your DNA but your entire life history. Right in the palm of your hand. Ewwww.
Well, close-up code reading might be a little messy, but luckily, you can scan QR codes from quite far away. Sort of the way men can scan pretty girls from across the street. The distance doesn’t matter. Not one single detail is ever lost.

The Czar of QR, "Codey", suggested I use my iphone to download his sexy, affordable QR reader app ( the NAME OF READER APP), and see for myself how QR codes are changing the world we live in. But, unfortunately, I am the only man in the civilized world who doesn’t have a cell phone. (But, hey, when the aliens broadcast the Death Ray through the cell phone system, I will be the only man alive. So there.)

In the meantime, though, the world is evolving around me. Here in Los Angeles, I see QR codes everywhere. On websites; on the sides of buildings; on the sides of cars and trucks; in store windows and even on tee-shirts. All the cool people use the free QR code generator and the sexy QR code reader on their smart phones, so they can scan QR codes wherever they appear. As a result, they live a life that is much smoother and less complicated than the rest of us do. Hell, the coolest girls probably have tramp stamp tattoos now with QR codes. You could probably scan them from across the street and discover that they simply say: “NO!” It would save the girl all the time and trouble and awkwardness of saying NO in person. And there would never be any miscommunication, because those things are totally accurate.

Hmmmm. Maybe I should use the free QR code generator on this page and have a QR code tattooed on my forehead that says “YES. PLEASE”

I can suddenly see how these goofy looking QR code things could be very useful indeed. I could use the free QR code generator to create a code for my business. People would know what I do, where I am and how to contact me. Instantly. I wouldn’t have to stop strangers in the street any more and try to make pitches and explain myself. (I nearly got beat up the other day in the line-up at a burger joint trying my sales pitch on a fat guy in front of me. If he had generated a QR code that said “I’M FAT. I’M HUNGRY. DONT GET BETWEEN ME AND THOSE BURGERS!”, I would have known. Right away. And avoided that whole unpleasant experience.)

If I were QR compliant, I wouldn’t scribble down wrong addresses or phone numbers, and waste hours getting lost or getting disconnected by angry women who, surprisingly, are not the phone sex kittens I thought they were.

It could change my entire life.
For the better.

OK. I’ll get with he program. I’ll go square and be there. I’ll become a serial QR Code Talker!

Of course, I’ll have to get a smartphone now.
But, geez - then the damned Death Ray will get me.

Oh well.
Living all alone is probably no fun anyway.