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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions we get here at QRCodey.com! If you can´t find the answer to your question below, please don´t hesitate to write us at: support@qrcodey.com. We are always excited to hear from our valued vistors!

Q: Is your QR code generator really free or are there any hidden costs?

Yes, our QR code generator is 100% free and there are no hidden costs or any other obligations involved.

Q: Do I have to sign-up at QRCodey.com or create an account in order to use your QR code generator?

No, you can use our QR code generator without registration or any other sign-up process. We don´t ask you for your email address or any other private data. We only need to know, on which webpage you want to display the QR code, in order for us to create the HTML code for you.

Q: There is a advertising link below my QR code. Why is that?

It does cost us time and money to offer you this free service. Remember, we are not only generating the QR code for you, we are also hosting your QR codes on our servers. Everytime a visitor visits your website, your QR code is loaded from our server. You can imagine that every user of our free QR code service has plenty of visitors each day, so the traffic is stacking up and the daily load on our servers is massive! Our advertisers are helping us to recoup some of these expenses and are are paying for your QR code to be free! This is the reason why there is advertising text link below your free QR code.

Q: Suddenly my QR code stopped working or disappeared from my site. What happened?

As stated in our terms and conditions please do not alter the HTML code we supply you for your free QR code. Doing so will cause your QR code to be disabled. Our web crawlers check regularly if the provided code was altered and suspend codes with removed advertising link.